Workers Compensation

Most people have heard of worker’s compensation insurance, but many wonder if it’s applicable for small businesses. It is. In California businesses are required by law to have worker’s compensation. This is in the event an employee is hurt during business hours, on or off the premises as long as they are on the clock during the time the injury occurs. Employees must be notified that they are covered by worker’s compensation and must be instructed on the steps they need to take if an injury occurs. This includes filing claims, being given copies of claims, making them aware that their medical and rehabilitation costs will be covered, their pay covered while they are out and that they will be guaranteed the same job at the same pay when they return.

Workers Compensation Insurance is required even if only person is employed. If there are no employees outside of the owners, this insurance is not required. In some states, workers compensation is required for temporary employees as well as full-time employees.

In California insurance must be purchased from a licensed insurer like Richard Turner San Diego Insurance Agency. We offer fast, reliable service. We make our claims easy to file and we help guide you through the process. If an instance occurs where an employee is injured, contact your insurance agency immediately to file a claim. Be sure your employee gets the medical attention he or she needs.

Let us take the worry out of accidents by having a comprehensive policy for your business.

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